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Owner & Lead Pilot

Chris Fravel is the owner and lead pilot for Drone Geek Productions. Chris's passion for UAV or "drone" technology began in 2017 after he was gifted a drone from his parents. After flying for just a few minutes, Chris realized that he had found his "thing" and set out to make a career on the backs of these little flying robots.

Chris started Drone Geek Productions in March of 2020, the week before the COVID-lockdowns were implemented and life changed for all of us. Nervous about the future of the job market and economy, Chris doubled-down and invested most of his time, money, and energy into Drone Geek Productions, building a modest book of clients in a wide variety of industries.

Today, Drone Geek Productions is a full-service multimedia production firm, specializing in aerial imaging via drones. No matter your need, Drone Geek Productions can deliver. Projects ranging from aerial photography to handheld video, structure inspections to 2D and 3D mapping and modeling are all possible when you put your trust in us!

When he's not flying drones or working within the drone industry, you can find Chris playing basketball and tennis, lifting weights, playing video games, enjoying food at local and regional restaurants, and being "uncle Chris!"

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